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Applicator Mitt

Applicator Mitt

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BB Luxe Applicator Mitt


The BB Luxe Tan Applicator Mitt provide a smooth, streak-free, flawless application. The material is a soft velvety mitt which blends tannning mousses, mists and lotions effortlessly for a beautiful tanning finish. 



• Soft, velvety material for a smooth application
• Re-usable and washable
• Suitable for both body and face
• Double-sided 
Machine washable. Do not use any harsh detergents or fabric softener. Hang dry, out of direct sunlight. Allow to fully air dry before storing. 

Step 1 - Place applicator mitt on hand. Pump BB Luxe sunless tanning products onto mitt. 
Step 2 - Apply to body and blend in circular motions. 
Step 3 - Wash mitt with warm and leave to air dry before storing. 
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