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Dark Mist

Dark Mist

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Our easy to apply, ultra fine, 360 bronzing mist leaves you with a deep, dark, flawless airbrush tan.

• BB Luxe Mist compliments all skin tones 
• Lightweight mousse formula
• Easy to apply
• Fast drying, no transfer,
non-tacky formula
• Streak free results
• Suitable for both face and body
• Vegan friendly, paraben free formula
• 100% natural DHA tan actives

Step 1 - Apply to dry, lightly exfoliated skin. Hold bottle 6” away from skin, spray in even strokes or circular pattern. Blend any overspray using our BB Luxe Applicator Mitt. Use sparingly around knuckles, knees, ankles and elbows.
Step 2 - Leave on for up to 8 hours. Shower in lukewarm water. Do not use soaps or scrubs for the first initial shower after application. 
Step 3 - Your tan will continue to develop over the next 8 hours. Use a
moisturizer or Gradual Tan Mousse daily to prolong and maintain your tan.
 - 200 ML | 6.7 FL OZ
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